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We are a team of experts in 3D graphics, advertising, photography, and real estate.  We are always looking to the future to improve our skill sets, so that we can achieve the very best results.  Happy and successful clients are our goal.

Aaron Powell: Visual Effects Supervisor/ Director

Aaron has been working in the advertising/3D field for over 25 years.  With numerous awards for commercials and other media, he has been at the forefront of technology.  Aaron has pioneered many pipelines and techniques in his long career, and has now embraced this new cutting edge, award winning, technology for scanning properties and sets.  Already he is thinking outside of the box and is bringing this new technology to many new markets.

Suzanne Chai-Powell: Real Estate Broker/Agent

Suzanne is a driven and very successful Realtor.  She too has awards to her credit.  With her expertise in real estate and marketing, she understands how to help clients incorporate this amazing new technology, and use it to their best interests.

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